Stefanie (sirensong984) wrote in u2,

Song of the Day

Bono and Alicia Keys "Don't Give Up" collaboration.

It can be found now with a brief video at

It is being released Tuesday (I think) on iTunes, with proceeds being donated.

I listened to it. It's...okay. I haven't really gotten into it yet. And it's not because I don't like Alicia Keys voice or anything like that. I very often like Bono's voice paired with a female voice, and I think her voice is very fine for this song (I do prefer this over Mary J. Blidge's input on One), however, it's not a song I particularly care for. The video on the link above is quite moving, though, and I hope everyone enjoys the link I provided.

That's all I've got today, since I found that I though I'd spread it as today's Song of the Day.

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