Annie (canadanne) wrote in u2,

Edge article in The Word magazine

It is very likely that I'm posting something that's already been mentioned on here, because I'm rubbish at paying attention when people talk about loads of different magazines hitting the shelves. So er, sorry if this is old news, but anyway... when I was in Borders today buying the new edition of Q (with the Bono article), I also came across this magazine which has a very interesting-looking (and huge) Edge interview in it. I haven't had a chance to read any of this stuff yet, but it seems to be Edge's version of the history of U2, or something along those lines. So that was me a full eight quid poorer when I left the shop!  (Good value for money though - Q comes with a free music trivia book (obsessively packed with U2 facts) that's normally a tenner, and The Word comes with a free CD. Wheee.) (Hurrah for (brackets(!))) *is minorly sleep deprived*
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