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I think I've been spending so much time lovingly poking fun at Bono (and reading u_toons so much) that it's beginning to affect my subconscious.

I went to sleep last night and had the weirdest U2 dream I've had yet.

Okay, so this dream is pretty fuzzy, but basically, U2 and I were camping. Things kept changing. Some of the time we were in a tent, and some of the time we were just lying on the ground. Some of the time we were in a wooded area, and some of the time we were in the middle of my living room, it just kept changing.
We were all lying down in a row. I was on the far end, with Bono on my right. Adam was on his right, and then Edge, and Larry. For some reason we had to take turns sleeping in shifts. One person would stay awake and watch for... something, I dunno, wild animals that wanted to eat us? And everyone else would sleep.
Adam took the first turn, and then he woke Bono and I up. See, apparently, and this will become much more obvious as the dream progresses, in this dream, Bono is like an annoying little kid who can't be trusted with anything. Bono couldn't take his turn by himself, I had to stay up with him, in case he fell asleep. So we took our turn.
Then afterward, I lay down to go back to sleep. But Bono was determined not to let me. He kept talking to me and prodding me and wouldn't let me sleep. He was like a hyperactive child. And then he started poking me with a fork!
Finally he went to sleep. But it didn't end there. In his sleep, he kept flopping his arms at me, and rolling up against me, and generally disturbing me and keeping me from sleeping. My reaction was basically like "OMG WTF Bono! Get the hell off of me and leave me alone!" (and I never thought I'd be saying that in any situation, considering how much I adore him) but I just let him keep bothering me, because I was afraid that if I tried to get him to stop, he'd wake up and start poking me with the fork again or something.
Later, he did wake up. But the first thing he did was freak out. Apparently the Bono in my subconscious is also totally obsessed with chocolate. His stash of chocolate had gone missing, and he flipped out on the rest of us, accusing us of stealing it.

So yea, basically the dream made no sense. But it was pretty damn funny.
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