Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

"Different Studio Version Releases of songs in AB"

Over the years, I've realized U2 have issued different studio versions of 3 songs found on Achtung Baby. "Until the End of The World" is a prime example. By now, many hardcore U2 fans realize that this song includes 3 different studio versions. I've tracked them down here they are:

1)"Until the End of The World"--Album Version taken from AB album.
2)"Until the End of The World"--film/title track of Wim Wenders' cinematic feature of the same name. However, if you do buy the soundtrack to this film you will notice a big difference in the arrangement of the song. First off, Bono's distorted wailing intro in the beginning of the song is not present here as it is on the album version. On this version one can hear Larry going "Ok!" clicking his sticks and Adam's bass kicks in along with Edge's heavy signature riff. Also missing is the "la la la la" bit in the end of the song that can be heard on the album version. This was definitely an outtake taken directly from the studio.
3)"Until the End of the World"--version found at the end credits of the film. Sounds different as well. Bono's wailing intro is included but it kicks straight to guitar, bass, and vocal.

"Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses"--song is re-worked for single version.

"Even Better Than the Real Thing"--sound quality is greatly improved on single version.

"One"---if you own the promo ACHTUNG BABY SOLICITATION SAMPLER KIT from Island UK which includes a box, a video, solicitation advert flyers, and a cassette sampler of 4 songs then you've heard of this version. This studio version of the song is very rare. Bono sings a bit off-key and some of the lyrics are different than what's found on the final studio take in the official album. I am probably 1 of 200 people that own this box because only 200 were produced and given to Island promo execs. in 1991. I managed to get a copy from a Record shoppe in my visit to London last year. http://www.womanfish.com is in fact right about suspecting a demo of "ONE" floating around 'cos I have it...on this promo press kit release.
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