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U2 LJ Community Awards 2005: nominations

Your attention please, u2 members...

Around the turn of the century we used to have an annual awards ceremony thing over at the AFU2/AMU2 newsgroups, which was a lot of fun. The NG members would nominate in a bunch of categories, then there'd be a private vote and one member would post the final results. This year, I thought I'd try a similar idea here!

Below the cut are lots of categories - some of these are pinched from the old NG awards, some are new. In the comments for this post, I want you all to NOMINATE under as many of these categories as you like. Rules:
  • You don't have to nominate in every category if you don't want to.
  • You can submit multiple nominations for any category.
  • You're not allowed to nominate yourself.
  • Please try to give a brief reason for each nomination you submit, to help me out with explaining the eventual winners!
I will be screening all the comments for this post, so your nominations will be totally confidential.

Once nominations have finished, I'll do another post with the shortlists so you can choose your winners. If there are millions of nominations for a particular category, I'll narrow it down to the ones that received the MOST nominations. Final results will be posted at the end of the year.

If any of this makes no sense, let me know and I'll try and post more coherently!

Now get nominating....

Newbie of the Year
~~ A poster who has joined the community within the last few months and has already made a significant contribution - be it sharing lots of band info, bringing us humour, starting interesting threads, or anything else that has made them stand out as a favourite or important group member.

Veteran of the Year
~~ A poster who's been around for ages and who always makes a valued contribution to the community.

Website of the Year
~~ Best U2-related website, whether official or unofficial.

LJ Community of the Year
~~ Best U2-related community on LiveJournal. Glancing at our links list on the left-hand side, there are plenty to choose from... not forgetting this one!

Concept of the Year
~~ Anything that has captured your imagination within the U2 universe this year. Could be a band-supported cause, or an aspect of the tour that you loved, for example. This is a pretty open category.

Enormous Thread of the Year
~~ A post in this community that provoked an absolutely massive response for whatever reason.

Quote of the Year (LJ members)
~~ A classic quote uttered by one of the community members this year (preferably within the context of U2!)

Quote of the Year (the band)
~~ A classic quote uttered by a member of U2 this year.

Community Feature of the Year
~~ An aspect of this LJ community that you've particularly liked.

Most Comical Poster
~~ The community member who regularly cracks you up the most.

Expert of the Year
~~ A community member whose knowledge of U2 (either in general or on a specific topic) is impressive to all.

Best Userpic
~~ The most impressive or amusing U2-related icon you've seen this year. Given the sheer volume of them I'd imagine you'll have a hard time picking favourites, so try to think of a real standout effort!

Best Username
~~ U2 community member with the best username (doesn't have to be a U2-related name).

Band Member of the Year
~~ The member of U2 that you feel deserves a special award this year for whatever reason.

Live Song of the Year
~~ Any song that's been performed live by U2 this year (either on the tour or elsewhere) which has blown you away in its latest incarnation.

Performance of the Year
~~ A *specific* U2 performance of a song this year that has stood out above all others.

Concert of the Year
~~ Your favourite U2 show of 2005.

Post of the Year
~~ A post in this community that has stuck in your mind for being particularly brilliant in some way.

Discussion of the Year
~~ Most enjoyable or thought-provoking comment thread in this community.

Poster of the Year
~~ The overall most popular member of the community, who (for whatever reason) has made u2 an enjoyable place to be this year.

Extra Joke Category Option
~~ Wanna add a nomination for Hat of the Year, or Most Amusing U2 Facial Expression In A Photograph?  Feel free to submit any other humorous categories that you'd like to see included in the awards!  If there are any good suggestions, I'll include them with the other categories as an open vote. :)

The provisional deadline for nominations is Friday 16th December, although I might extend it by a couple of days depending on my schedule. So if you want a chance to vote for your favourites, make sure you get your nominations in by the end of next week!
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