Ms. Machina if you nasty (tinamachina) wrote in u2,
Ms. Machina if you nasty

Postponing Medical Procedures

I was originally supposed to have a tiny, benign skin tumor removed from my face back in October. Problem: When I checked the appointment date, I found out that one of the U2 Madison Square Garden shows was that same night. I had tickets, and it was my first U2 concert ever. I thought, "OK, I'll have a little band-aid for the show, no biggie."
It turned out that the procedure to have my tumor removed would result in a black, swollen eye for 3-4 days. And it might hurt afterwards.

So I postponed the surgery. Next available date was this morning, December 12th.

It sounds a little nuts, but I'm sitting here with stitches under my right eye and a little 'shiner', thinking I wouldn't have enjoyed the concert if I was self-conscious and uncomfortable. I'm not hurting at all, but if things hadn't gone right, that Monday and Tuesday in October would have been spoiled. The tumor wasn't going anywhere, so it wasn't an emergency. I was actually told by the dermatologist that I could wait a few months if I needed to.

So, my question for the peanut gallery: Have you postponed anything mildly important for U2?
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