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Song of the Day

"Into The Heart" from Boy

Maybe not a throwaway song, but a throwaway SotD post for moi.  XD  Sorry folks, I'm tired.

Into the Heart isn't so much... about itself, but really a place for Edge to go with the shimmering interlude between An Cat Dubh and it.  To Bono's own admittance, during the Boy/October era the music was usually written first, and then the lyrics.  Some songs had even been improvised on the spot.  They had usually been performed live before recording, and the lyrics may have changed nightly.

Into The Heart (the book now) denies any thematic link between An Cat Dubh and Into The Heart, but I'm not so sure.  An Cat Dubh is almost... dirty, and sensuous, etc.  And Into The Heart is about the loss of innocence.  Half of U2's canon is about the loss of innocence in some way, I suppose... so I guess any song could fit after An Cat Dubh.  But not sonically, with that interlude, which proudly showed, on a debut album at that, that Edge would be a forerunner in legendary guitar rock.

The lyrics from  (ZOMG no cut?!)

Into The Heart
Into the heart of a child
I stay awhile
But I can go there.

Into the heart of a child
I can smile
I can't go there.

Into the heart, into the heart of a child
I can't go back
I can't stay awhile.
Into the heart.

Into the heart.

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