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Song of the Day

"Red Light" from War

"... but Red Light is regarded as one of U2's most unsatisfactory cuts..."

That's one of the closing lines of Red Light's blurb in Into The Heart.  I think Bono's lyrics are as strong as ever, but sonically it's very different.  First, the use of back up singers.  That's a rare U2 move, and maybe it put off some listeners.  Plus the use of brass, the trumpet solo, that's very rare for the boys, too.

The song can take many layers, as usual.  A love song, Bono singing to a prostitute, a prostitute singing to a customer, or the one I missed... another plea to save Adam's soul.  Apparently the guy needs saving, because lots of songs reference this in the book.  War has at least one other... and maybe you'll get to see it later on in War Week. ;-)  (Srsly, it's the only album left... 'cept the R&H cover songs.)

Red Light

Oh I talk to you, you walk away.
You're still on the down beat
You say you don't want my help.
But you can't escape if you're running from yourself.
I give you my love
I give you my love
Give you my love
Still you walk away.

It's your own late show as you jump to the street below.
But where can you go to leave yourself behind?
Alone in the spotlight of this, your own tragedy.
I give you my love.

I give you my love.
Give you my love.
I give you my love.
I give you my love.
I give you my love.

Fave Lyrics:
But where can you go to leave yourself behind?

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