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"The Refugee" from War

The only thing I took away in agreement from I.T.H (I'm abbreviating now, too lazy), is that this track tries to sound exciting, and isn't.  The chanting, the drums.  Eh... it's U2, but it isn't.  The guys had gotten together with producer Bill Whelan to try to put together the latest album, and not all quite worked out.  Lillywhite came back in, and put some finishing touches on this track, but it's still credited to Whelan.

The refugee of mention isn't of any specific origin, obviously.  At the time, Bono was trying to find unity of all American immigrants, whether they be from the north, south, east, or west of their country of goal.

The drums and the chanting are probably the only parts worth mentioning (the lyrics are kinda redundant and silly).  Larry comes to one of his closest points ever to a drum solo around the middle of the song (1:26).  The riffs and the bass aren't really a big part of the song, it's all drums.  The lyrics from (cut below) include the chanting as part of each line it precedes... makes it look kinda funny.  But oh well, I quote you the original source.

The Refugee

Wa, war she's the refugee.
I see your face, I see you staring back at me.
Wa, war she is the refugee.
Her mama say one day she's gonna live in America.

In the morning she is waiting
Waiting for the ship to sail, sail away.

Wa, war her papa go to war.
He gonna fight but he don't know what for.
Wa, war her papa go to war.
Her mama say one day he's gonna come back from far away.

Oh help me
How can you help me?

In the evening
She is waiting
Waiting for her man to come
And take her by her hand
And take her to this promised land.

Wa, war she's a pretty face
But at the wrong time in the wrong place
Wa, war she's a pretty face
Her mama say one days she's gonna live in America.
Yeah, America.

Wa, war she is a refugee.
She coming back, she come and keep you company.
Wa, war she is a refugee.
Her mama say one day she's gonna live in America.

Interesting lyric interpretation of the day:
"Oh help me,
How can you help me?"
I always heard
"Woah heartbeat,
I can hear your (a?) heartbeat."

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