popcorn (films) wrote in u2,

Need some advice

I need some advice for later on.

Should I buy a ONE T-shirt ($10) and a pack of 10 ONE BANDS ($10) Shipping and Handling $10 Total $30


Should I buy the U2 MSG T-Shirt (rounding off to $20) and shipping and Handling $5 total $25

Which one you think is worth it?

Another thing Non U2 related - to make a long story short last month I had sent in a resume in for Maxim Online's Spring Internship (it pays) and I get a call yesterday asking if I would be able to make it to an interview early on next month in NYC (next year) So I said sure I can. So now I gotta find cash for a bus ticket and everything to go BACK to the city of blinding lights. Wondering what should I wear. hmmmm. That was a great early xmas gift. So as you can see why i say for later on with the u2 stuff.
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