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U2 LJ Community Awards 2005: vote now!

OK, your nominations have been sorted and compiled (hope I didn't miss any!) and it's time to reveal who's up for what in the first annual U2 LJ Community Awards!  It's all below the LJ cut.


Newbie of the Year
A poster who has joined the community within the last few months and has already made a significant contribution.

The following members have been nominated as the community's favourite newcomer in 2005...

Veteran of the Year
A poster who's been around for ages and who always makes a valued contribution to the community.

Your nominations for the community's favourite old timer are...

Website of the Year
Best U2-related website, whether official or unofficial.

Well, there's no sign of in your shortlist! ;p  The nominees are...

LJ Community of the Year
Best U2-related community on LiveJournal.

Your favourite communities to choose from are...

Concept of the Year
Anything that has captured your imagination within the U2 universe this year.

This year, we 'aave been mostly loiking...
  • CoeXisT
  • Live 8
  • Make Povery History / ONE Campaign
  • Music Rising (The Edge replacing instruments lost in Hurricane Katrina)
  • Texting names & holding up phones during One
  • The Edge is from the future
  • U2 inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
  • Vertigo Tour stadium stage setup

Enormous Thread of the Year
A post in this community that provoked an absolutely massive response for whatever reason.

And your nominees for comment frenzy of the year are...

Quote of the Year (LJ members)
A classic quote uttered by one of the community members this year.

The following quotes have inspired, amused or otherwise stuck in people's minds...
  • "Complete hilarity upon noticing that the baby hippo actually seems to believe he *is* Bono and is doing the trademark camera pose with mouth wide open!"
         ~ canadanne makes a side-splitting observation

  • "Friends don't let friends wear mullets."
         ~ gloria269 sums up the "what to do about Larry's hair" thread

  • "Oh yes, and his birthday is 7th May, he's a Taurus, and his interests include phoning celebrity pals, boating in Switzerland, and cucumber sandwiches."
         ~ canadanne responds to a request for information about Mr MacPhisto

  • "Play Mofo!"
         ~ zoostation has only one thing to say upon meeting Bono

  • "They might as well just put a chainsaw on stage and leave it running for forty-five minutes."
         ~ axver is less than impressed by the choice of support act for U2's Australasian shows

Quote of the Year (the band)
A classic quote uttered by a member of U2 this year.

Your favourite things to emerge from the mouths of U2 have been...
  • "Adam Clayton would have taken a bullet for me. I guess that's what it's like to be in a truly great rock & roll band."
         ~ Bono's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction speech

  • "Am I a massive shagger? Of course I am. Ask the missus."
         ~ Bono in Q magazine

  • "And the spaceship landed and The Edge got out. And we said, 'Where are you from?'. And The Edge said, 'I'm from the future'. And Larry said, 'What's it like?'. And Edge said, 'It's better!'"
         ~ Bono recalls how U2 first met their guitarist

  • "Bono hits us. Sometimes really hard."
         ~ The Edge shares a secret on the Conan O'Brien show

  • "How do singers warm up? Me-me-me-me-me!"
         ~ Bono tells Cat Deeley a joke

  • "I am, in the end, the technology guy of U2. Which really, all it means is I can fix the printer. You turn it on. I don't tell them that."
         ~ The Edge speaking at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction

  • "I'm a scribbling, cigar-smoking, wine-drinking, bible-reading band man. A show off (laughs)... who loves to paint pictures of what I can't see. A husband, father, friend of the poor and sometimes the rich. An activist travelling salesman of ideas... Chess-player, part-time rock star, opera singer, in the loudest folk group in the world..."
         ~ Bono in conversation with Michka Assayas

  • "I just couldn't help thinking of the headline: 'U2 go down on Noel Edmonds' chopper'."
         ~ Larry recalls U2's Live Aid entrance, 20 years on

  • "Look, it's a little odd for me, when people walk up and say, 'We played One at our wedding - thank you so much.' Did you ever *hear* the lyrics?! The spleen and the bile, and you walked down the aisle to that one, did you?!"
         ~ Bono goes off on a WTF rant in Mojo magazine

  • "The first time I ever saw it, I didn't laugh. I wept."
         ~ The Edge on 'This Is Spinal Tap'

  • "We were doing it completely arseways."
         ~ Adam's description of the troubled Achtung Baby sessions

  • "What is striking is there's a 'things to say from stage' section, and it's pretty hilarious. "Hello. My name's Bono. We're called U2. We're now going to play a song we've never played before and we're going to make it up." Hahaha! The others always reckoned I was hyping the value of the lost lyrics to explain the blank sheets of paper when they were recording October."
         ~ Bono reveals the true contents of the recently recovered October notebooks

  • "Y'know, if Bono left we could carry on. If I left, we'd be screwed."
         ~ Larry offers his wisdom

  • "Your mission is possible!"
         ~ Bono changes the lyrics to Vertigo at Live 8

Community Feature of the Year
An aspect of this LJ community that you've particularly liked.

Items you have enjoyed this year are...

Most Comical Poster
The community member who regularly cracks you up the most.

And the nominees for the community's funniest member are...

Expert of the Year
A community member whose knowledge of U2 (either in general or on a specific topic) is impressive to all.

For that tricky U2 question, the community has picked the following members as its phone-a-friend options...

Best Userpic
The most impressive or amusing U2-related icon you've seen this year.

The following gems have stood out amid the multitude of U2 icons created every day:

Best Username
U2 community member with the best username.

Your favourites are...

Band Member of the Year
The member of U2 that you feel deserves a special award this year for whatever reason.

Unsurprisingly all four members got themselves nominated, along with one surprise addition....
  • Adam Clayton
  • Bono
  • Larry Mullen Jr
  • Larry Mullen Jr's mullet
  • The Edge

Live Song of the Year
Any song that's been performed live by U2 this year (either on the tour or elsewhere) which has blown you away in its latest incarnation.

This year you were awestruck by...
  • City Of Blinding Lights
  • Love And Peace Or Else
  • Miss Sarajevo
  • New Year's Day
  • Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
  • The Electric Co
  • The Fly
  • The Wanderer
  • Vertigo
  • Where The Streets Have No Name
  • Zoo Station

Performance of the Year
A *specific* U2 performance of a song this year that has stood out above all others.

Your suggestions for U2's most brilliant musical appearance of 2005 are...
  • Beautiful Day (releasing doves) - Live 8
  • Love And Peace Or Else - Katrina benefit concert
  • Miss Sarajevo - debut appearance in Amsterdam
  • Miss Sarajevo - official release from Milan
  • New Year's Day (red & white flag) - Katowice, Poland
  • One (with Mary J Blige) - Katrina benefit concert
  • One / Unchained Melody - Live 8
  • Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (with Paul McCartney) - Live 8
  • The Wanderer - Johnny Cash tribute
  • Until The End Of The World - Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction
  • Vertigo - Live 8

Concert of the Year
Your favourite U2 show of 2005.

Quite a big "shortlist" here - there were almost no concerts that received multiple nominations, so I didn't know how to narrow it down to a reasonable handful. You can click the links to see the show summaries on, plus I've tried to pick out a few highlights as reminders of individual shows.

Post of the Year
A post in this community that has stuck in your mind for being particularly brilliant in some way.

Your most memorable posts of 2005 are...

Discussion of the Year
Most enjoyable or thought-provoking comment thread in this community.

The following threads got you thinking this year...

Poster of the Year
The overall most popular member of the community, who (for whatever reason) has made u2 an enjoyable place to be this year.

And the candidates for this highest honour are...

Suggested Extra Categories
There were four suggestions for extra categories, so you can vote in these too. There are no shortlists for these ones, just submit your answers freely and I'll post a full list of all the responses I get, along with the overall winner if there is one. :)
  • Best looking U2 member in 2005
  • Best U2 photography by a member of the community (multiple votes allowed)
  • Best U2 icon-maker in the community (multiple votes allowed)
  • Worst crime against fashion committed by a member of U2 in 2005


Congratulations to everyone who's made it onto the shortlists, and thanks to all those who contributed in putting the nominations together!  Now comes the potentially difficult task of picking your winners. Please let's have a huge response to this, so the awards will be as fun and fair as possible!


1. To participate in the vote, go to this post in my personal journal. I have put together a voting form split into two halves (as the whole form would be too large for a single comment, annoyingly!). Copy the forms and paste them as comments there, marking your choices with an X. All comments will be screened to keep your votes confidential. (I'm doing this in my own journal so that absolutely no-one, not even my fellow mods, will be able to see the winners until the award ceremony!)

2. You can only vote for ONE NOMINEE in each category, unless otherwise stated.

3. You don't have to vote in every category, but please try to, otherwise this whole thing is going to fail spectacularly!

4. You CAN vote for yourself if you want to.

5. I will be counting the votes NEXT FRIDAY (30th December) so make sure you get yours in by then.

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