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U2 bootleg

Greetings, fellow U2 fans; lurker here, posting for the first time. I grew up listening to U2, but I didn't become a real fan until I saw them for the first time in concert, December 14th, in St Louis.
Generally, I consider myself a hard-core Bowie fangirl, and when I saw him on the Reality tour I figured that I'd never see another concert top his. But I was mistaken: Bono's ability to connect with the crowd was something I hadn't seen before in Bowie. And, as a Christian, Bono's zealous spirituality appeals to me in a way that none of Bowie's fantastic costuming and eloquently wordy lyrics do.
Now, since the Vertigo concert, I've been fanatically acquiring anything and everything U2 I can lay hands on (buttons, programs, magazines, books, DVDs, and, of course, the few albums I didn't already have, most at discount prices) and wondering why I ever even considered reselling Joshua Tree. And I have also experienced some frustration regarding a particular aquisition, which is, namely, a bootleg of my St Louis concert.

I've been busy trying to find the show online. I had a couple of false starts (U2Live2U has some really good boots, but not the one I want) before finding it. But unfortunately... I am on dialup, and my poor computer just couldn't handle a 185MB download.

So, I am pleading from the bottom of my U2-enraptured heart for someone to lend me a hand. If anyone would be willing to download and burn the concert to CD and send it to me via snail mail, I would be more than willing to pay for supplies, labor, and shipping and handling. If you're interested, please leave a comment here or on my journal, and know that you will be making a new fan very, very happy!!
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