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The Observer interview, billed as 'the only U2 interview you'll ever have to read', ended up being the usual 20-pages-of-Bono-and-one-line-each-for-the-others thing. But it was Larry's lone paragraph (hey, it's more than Adam got, with his single line of recognition!) that made me laugh most. It's just typical Larry, and I felt like sharing. :)

'Sometimes I really wish he [Bono] would do something that we could punch a big hole into. I'd really enjoy that - to go up to him and say, you fucker. Sometimes, it's just so constant, the meetings, the speaking, the mouth, but in the end even I have to say he's doing a great job, and he's getting things done. Look, if it was possible to have a really good kick at what he does, as a band we would have done it before anyone else. During the recording of our album, he'll be away on a venture, and it's like, great, peace. He gets impatient in the studio, and we tell him to fuck off, go and meet George Bush. And he does! Maybe it's our fault! And then he comes back and he's been working on a lyric and he's fresh and really into it. So it does work out.'

Honestly, the man's a genius. If we didn't already know he loved Bono really, lol...!
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