Chass (sapphires13) wrote in u2,

About a week and a half ago, volare posted an article from a Christian magazine (Relevant Magazine) by a woman who went to a concert, and totally misinterpreted Bono's message behind the CoeXisT blindfold.
This article caused quite a stir here, as it did among U2 fans everywhere. E-mails poured into the magazine, most of which were correcting the misinterpretation. Because of the massive reaction the article, the magazine put together a special Podcast, on this subject alone. It's well worth a listen. The people doing the podcast quote from many of the feedback e-mails they received, and overall seem to be much more openminded than the woman who wrote the initial article.

The podcast can be found on the magazine's homepage:
Scroll down and look for the Podcast thing, in the middle of the page, near the bottom. Just push play, and it should start playing.
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