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U2 LJ Community Awards 2005 - The Award Ceremony!

Time Lords, ladies and gentlemen... it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the first ever U2 LiveJournal Community end-of-year awards ceremony!!

It's been a fantastic year for U2 fans, with a truly spectacular world tour to promote what is (in my opinion) one of the best U2 albums we've ever had. As if that wasn't enough, the boys finally became eligible for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (woohoo!), they opened the historic Live 8 show at Hyde Park, and have kept us entertained with numerous TV appearances. And it's all been discussed, debated and celebrated in this wonderful LJ community, which has enjoyed quite a few significant events of its own in 2005, including the arrival of its one thousandth member (and many more)!  It's as good a time as ever to find out what the highlights of the last 12 months have been for you, the community members.

More than 40 of you came and voted, which was way more than I had expected, to be honest - so a huge THANK YOU once again to everyone who participated, and thanks especially for making such an effort to vote in all the categories! :)  Without you guys I would have been sat here feeling pretty stoopid right now. ;p

The lines are closed, the votes have been counted and verified, and I can now reveal that the first person to be evicted from the u2 community is...... only kidding!!

Without further ado, let's reveal some award-winners!!!


Newbie of the Year
A poster who has joined the community within the last few months and has already made a significant contribution.

The nominees for the community's favourite newcomer in 2005 were: bonoffee, whatsername_31, djmlm41, hue126, lumencuro, onebadkite, zoostation and sapphires13.

ALL of the above nominees received votes, but there was only one winner, and she had an absolute landslide victory with more than three times as many votes as her nearest rival!

And the winner is..... zoostation!!!

Nominated for her services to Song Of The Day and for bringing us all manner of other fun polls and discussion topics, she has definitely made her presence known in the community and has rapidly proven herself to be a favourite with a great many of you!  I'm sure you'll agree, a well-deserved win.

The nearest runner-up was bonoffee, with sapphires13 in third place. :)  Thanks to all the newbies who have helped to bring so much life and soul to the community this year!

Veteran of the Year
A poster who's been around for ages and who always makes a valued contribution to the community.

The nominees for the community's favourite old timer were: arcmorality, canadanne and volare.

Once again, all the nominees received a number of votes, but the winner had a rather huge majority.

And the winner is..... oh my gowd it's me!! canadanne!

Thank you very much, it's nice to feel appreciated - either that or you just felt obliged to suck up because you knew I'd be reading the votes. *g*  Apparently my comments on Song Of The Day are valued, which is a relief considering how much I can ramble, heheh!

For the record, arcmorality was acknowledged for his U2 wisdom, being an excellent moderator and generally a great person to have around, while volare received such compliments as "His comments, on whatever, always have me tee-heeing. And his SotDs have been cool enough to get me to listen to things I would've never known existed."

Website of the Year
Best U2-related website, whether official or unofficial.

The nominees were:,, U2 LJ community, and

Again, all the nominees were voted for, but there was a clear winner.

And the winner is..... the u2 community!!!

Wow, you guys really seem to love it here. :D  Some of those fansites do a brilliant job of keeping us informed, but I guess there's nothing to beat a friendly general-purpose U2 discussion community where everything that happens is down to you, the fans. I'm proud to be a part of it.

In second place with a large proportion of the votes was ("rocks my socks"), with in third ("They always have the right answer").

LJ Community of the Year
Best U2-related community on LiveJournal.

The nominees were: u2, u2daily, u2icons, u_toons and u2usendit.

And the landslide winner is..... this one, u2!!

It's the original U2 community on LiveJournal and according to the masses, it's still the best!  In your nominations, you praised u2 for being the most active community and for the intelligence and literacy of its main participators; one member remarked that "1000 speaks for itself!" while another said "At first I was overwhelmed by the amount people posted but now I'm hungry for more". The community sure has grown a lot, from its humble beginnings with about a dozen members exiled from the old newsgroups. :p  And I must say this year has quite possibly been the most enjoyable one I can remember here, so thank you to all the members who make the community what it is!

Distant runner-up was the file-sharing community u2usendit, and in third place was the ever-hilarious u_toons!  Both well worth following.

Concept of the Year
Anything that has captured your imagination within the U2 universe this year.

The nominees were: CoeXisT, Live 8, Make Povery History / ONE Campaign, Music Rising (The Edge replacing instruments lost in Hurricane Katrina), texting names & holding up phones during One, The Edge is from the future, U2 inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, and the Vertigo Tour stadium stage setup.

All of these suggestions received multiple votes!  But two of them stood clear of the rest.

And the winner is..... ZOEYIS U

Many of you were inspired by this clever graffiti slogan that Bono turned into a headband for each show on the Vertigo Tour. A very close runner-up was Make Poverty History (aka the ONE Campaign), which just goes to show U2 still have a powerful impact on their fans' consciences!

In third place was Bono's now-familiar revelation about The Edge being from the future. :)  Maybe the 40ft lemon was really a TARDIS!!

Enormous Thread of the Year
A post in this community that provoked an absolutely massive response for whatever reason.

The nominees for the year's most memorable comment frenzy were: 20 questions, Backstory of Mr MacPhisto, Best and worst lyrics, Introductions to U2, I really freaking wanted this shirt... / ONE Africa shirts, Is there any way to take your name *off* the ONE Campaign?, Propaganda flame wars, Sexiest songs and U2 vs Coldplay.

And the winner is..... this mammoth debate on the dumbest and best lyrics you've ever heard in a U2 song, started by zoostation in October!

It certainly did prompt a lot of responses to each comment, either in agreement or horror at other people's suggestions. *g*  It's always good to get people talking about the songs - it's a topic we can all appreciate and get involved with!

Second place was a tie between bonoffee's thread about the sexiest songs U2 have done ("I enjoyed it immensely and it's always a lovely discussion to have! ;)"), and the inevitably dangerous ground that was U2 vs Coldplay back in September ("Some jackass starting it just to watch us writhe against each other over something that really had nothing to do with the community"). We've had a lot to talk about this year!!

Best Looking U2 Member in 2005

OK, here's the first of the four extra categories that were suggested. The following U2 members all received votes in this open category to decide who looked the best this year:
  • Adam Clayton
  • Bono
  • Larry Mullen Jr
  • The Edge
  • The Larry Mullen Jr Band - all of them!
  • The EXIT girls
I'm loving your creative answers, people. *g*

And the winner is..... The Edge, with quite a convincing lead!!

He did steal a couple of votes off the others, mind you --
~ "Edge (just because Larry really NEEDS to cut his hair!)"
~ "I'd say Bono cuz he's my man, but he's not aging all that well, so I'm gonna go with The Edge!" :p

The Edge: Best Looking U2 Member 2005   The Edge: Best Looking U2 Member 2005

Adam came second, rockin' the silver hair and smiling for Ireland in 2005, and Bono was third despite a few dodgy wardrobe choices!

Quote of the Year (LJ members)
A classic quote uttered by one of the community members this year.

The nominees were: canadanne on Bono the baby hippo, gloria269 on mullets, canadanne on Mr MacPhisto, zoostation upon meeting Bono, and axver on U2's Australasian support act.

All the quotes received multiple votes, and it was fairly close, but the winner is..... that immortal line from zoostation, "PLAY MOFO!"

So classic, it's already an icon:
Icon by plathegreat85

You can also read about the encounter in her own words here!

Snapping at Pla's heels in second place was gloria269's "Friends don't let friends wear mullets" in this thread about Larry's hair, and in third place was my realisation that Bono the baby hippo and Bono the U2 singer are one and the same, "doing the trademark camera pose with mouth wide open!". ;)

Quote of the Year (the band)
A classic quote uttered by a member of U2 this year.

The nominees were: Bono on Adam taking a bullet for him, Bono on being a massive shagger, Bono on The Edge's origins, The Edge shares a secret, Bono's me-me-me joke, The Edge on being the technology guy of U2, Bono's self-description, Larry on Noel Edmonds' chopper, Bono on people playing One at their weddings, The Edge on This Is Spinal Tap, Adam on the troubled Achtung Baby sessions, Bono on the October notebooks, Larry on members of U2 leaving the band, and Bono's lyrical change at Live 8.

I wasn't sure if there'd be a clear winner in this category, but one quote did eventually run away with it!

And the winner is..... "Bono hits us. Sometimes really hard."

The Edge's revelation on the Conan O'Brien show seems to have had lots of you cracking up!  megl42 has even made it into an icon:
Icon by megl42

The battle for second place was incredibly close, and just about went to Larry's not-so-humble opinion that "Y'know, if Bono left we could carry on. If I left, we'd be screwed", as shared in this article from the July issue of Mojo magazine. Pushed into third place was the quote that had so many people choked up during Bono's speech at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction: "Adam Clayton would have taken a bullet for me. I guess that's what it's like to be in a truly great rock & roll band." *sniffle!*

Community Feature of the Year
An aspect of this LJ community that you've particularly liked.

The nominees were: the band members' best individual performance polls, the community mascot (Bono the baby hippo), the missing single off each album polls, Song Of The Day, the top five songs / top five album polls, and the track-by-track comparison polls.

I don't think anyone will be too surprised to hear that the winner is..... SONG OF THE DAY!!!

When hue126 came up with this idea in March, I wonder if he knew it'd still be going strong 9 months later?!  It's a simple but brilliant concept that has really revived discussion of my personal favourite subject (well, maybe my second favourite...), and the reason most of us are here in the first place - THE MUSIC!  Since that initial Song Of The Day post, we've had well over 200 more, and there are still plenty of U2 songs to keep us going for a few months yet. Hurrah!  Who knows, some day I may even get myself up-to-date with it. :p

Here are a few of the nominations it received:
~ "SotD. Duh. It made my summer a whole lot more eventful, that's for sure. Plus I like the involvement with the comments. It makes me sad when people don't comment on a particular song."
~ "SotD. It's something we can all get into, and it keeps the canon of U2 (old and new) alive and interesting."
~ "SOTD. Even though I rarely took part, it was interesting to see what everyone else thought of my favorite U2 songs. :)"

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to hue126, djmlm41, zoostation, claudiathefish, onebadkite/stay_please, volare and sirensong984, all of whom have done a fantastic job of keeping SOTD going throughout the year. A round of applause for all of them!

The runner-up with quite a lot of votes itself was the series of track-by-track comparison polls that I ran in September and October, which provoked a huge response and a fair amount of controversy. *g*

Most Comical Poster
The community member who regularly cracks you up the most.

The nominees for the community's funniest member were: kohls_samurai, tinamachina, onebadkite and zoostation.

All four nominees received multiple votes, but scoring another landslide victory, the winner is..... zoostation!!!

Pla has certainly kept us entertained since she arrived in the community this year!  As one person said in their nomination, "Whether it's her post, or a comment... you have to snicker at anything zoostation says".

In a very respectable second place was her SOTD colleague onebadkite (aka stay_please). Thanks for all the giggles, guys!

Btw, you can regularly view the hilarious creations of our nominees - including tinamachina's South Park cartoons - in the u_toons community. :D

Expert of the Year
A community member whose knowledge of U2 (either in general or on a specific topic) is impressive to all.

The nominees for an encyclopaedic knowledge of things U2-related were: arcmorality, axver and canadanne.

A number of votes again for everybody who was nominated, but it's another landslide.

And the winner is..... to my genuine surprise.... canadanne!!

The votes were almost an exact mirror of the Veteran of the Year category. I really thought axver would have this one sewn up with his insanely detailed mental library of U2's setlists through the years!  Especially judging by some of the nominations he got:
~ "axver. He knows more about U2's setlists than U2, I bet."
~ "axver for the infinite knowledge of setlists!"

But I guess I must be doing something right, too. :)  I was nominated for a couple of different reasons:
~ "canadanne's extensive knowledge on Macphisto is awe-inspiring."
~ "Total suck-upage... but you!! Who else has something to say about EVERY song? And literate, complete, developed thoughts... not just "love it" or "hate it"."

M'awww. *g*  What can I say... I'm passionate about the things I love!  I'm willing to bet my fellow nominees would say the same thing.

Best U2 Photography by a Member of the Community

Here's the second of our additional categories. The following community members all received votes in this open category to choose our favourite photographer:

And the winner is..... psykoboy2, for his amazing Atlanta photos!!

I think the first pic here alone is enough to show he's very deserving of this award - absolutely gorgeous colours!  In joint second place were alyssascheinson for her eternally stunning galleries, and also brunerhyme!  It's been a pleasure to view everyone's photos this year, so thanks to all those who shared their pics with the group. :)

Best Userpic
The most impressive or amusing U2-related icon you've seen this year.

The nominees were: Acrobat by obviousenigma, Chris&Bono by sapphires13 and specialcamper, Drum by sapphires13, Dorkus by zoostation, Hippo by sapphires13, MacPhisto by sapphires13, OMG by zoostation, SATS by zoostation, Sexed by zoostation, Slowly by hot_coffee, and Writhing by sapphires13.

There was a surprising lack of votes for some of the icons I would have expected to be the most popular!  For the most part the votes were very evenly spread across the selection, but one had a comfortable margin of victory over the others.

And the winner is..... this amazingly perfect creation by obviousenigma!
Icon by obviousenigma

Described as "Pure genius" by one of the members that nominated it, and I doubt anyone would disagree with that description. There are just so many things to admire about it!

Just about stealing second place was sapphires13's "And then Bono totally went nuts on the drum", while third place was shared by sapphires13's "Bono. Hippo. They're one, but they're not the same. Or are they?" and zoostation's OMG-Bono-almost-swallowed-a-spider icon that seems appropriate on so many occasions!

Can I just say I also remembered another brilliant icon that I wish I'd thought of nominating. I've no idea whose it was, but it was the one of Bono and Paul McCartney squeeing about knowing each other's names - that one cracked me up every time!

Best Username
U2 community member with the best username.

The nominees were: achtungeternal, bonoffee, bonoinakilt, ladylardence, onebadkite, phistolemon_, playingthetart, rhythmsextion, rockstarsex, stateless, thanks4thefish, trabbie, unorthodox_muse and zooromancer.

As with the userpic category, the votes were very evenly spread across most of the nominees!

Nevertheless, the clear winner is..... bonoinakilt!!

I guess that's just a mental image that appeals to people. *g*

Icon by bonoinakilt   Icon by plathegreat85

In joint second place were the simple genius of onebadkite ("Her favourite songs mashed together and it makes sense") and the total coolness of zooromancer, with phistolemon_ making it into third ("Just thought it was cool, Macphisto and the Lemon. I loved both ZooTV and Popmart").

Band Member of the Year
The member of U2 that you feel deserves a special award this year for whatever reason.

The nominees were: Adam Clayton, Bono, Larry Mullen Jr, Larry Mullen Jr's mullet(!) and The Edge.

All of the above got themselves a number of votes, and the winner is..... it's a tie!!!  It was absolutely impossible to separate them - The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr's mullet!!!!!

The Edge (described as "the wheel of the band") also received the greatest number of nominations in the first place, and they were all for the same two reasons that weren't even related to his impressive musical skills!  Firstly for being brave and heroic enough to go ahead with the tour despite his family concerns at the beginning of the year - as one person put it, "I remember someone said at the Grammy's that there was a good possibility a tour would never happen this year because of Sian. But hopefully she is fine now and thankfully, we have had a very very very long tour and there's still more!". As if that wasn't enough to earn him the award, he also became involved with Music Rising, a project dedicated to replacing musical instruments lost in Hurricane Katrina - "what a concept!". One person pointed out "That was pretty unexpected for him to go for a charity project all on his own", and it certainly seems to have made a lot of people love and respect him even more than they already did. Here's one more nomination quote that pretty much sums it up: "The Edge, because I think he just deserves it"!

The Edge: Band Member of the Year 2005   The Edge: Band Member of the Year 2005

As for the joint winner... I'm guessing not everyone was backing this nominee, considering somebody wrote "Larry better not get it, because of the greasy mullet alone"!  But love it or loathe it, this new addition to the band seems to have made a huge impression on you in 2005. *g*  Here's the mullet in all its greasy glory:

Larry Mullet Jr: Band Member of the Year 2005   Larry Mullet Jr: Band Member of the Year 2005

For the record, Bono was in second place (nominated for his humanitarian efforts and for being a damn good frontman), Adam came third (nominated for his silver hair and for being so cool and smiley on tour; "he's looking great, playing great, and seems genuinely happy. He radiates onstage"!)... and Larry (nominated for his public apology over the ticket fiasco and personally helping to sort it out) was trailing in last place. I bet he'll be gutted that his own hair got almost three times as many votes as he did!!

Live Song of the Year
Any song that's been performed live by U2 this year (either on the tour or elsewhere) which has blown you away in its latest incarnation.

The nominees were: City Of Blinding Lights, Love And Peace Or Else, Miss Sarajevo, New Year's Day, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, The Electric Co, The Fly, The Wanderer, Vertigo, Where The Streets Have No Name and Zoo Station.

Every single song received at least one vote, but the comfortable winner is..... Love And Peace Or Else!!

Whether it was the sexy groove, the message, Larry's vocals or Bono totally going nuts on the drum, Love & Peace was your overall favourite song to see live in 2005.

The runner-up was another shiny new HTDAAB track, City Of Blinding Lights ("It gives me chills"), while Bono's jaw-dropping opera vocals have made Miss Sarajevo a surprise hit this year and your third favourite ("Bono is Pavarotti!").

Performance of the Year
A *specific* U2 performance of a song this year that has stood out above all others.

The nominees were: Beautiful Day at Live 8, Love And Peace Or Else for the Katrina benefit concert, Miss Sarajevo's first appearance in Amsterdam, Miss Sarajevo in Milan as released on the ABOY single, New Year's Day in Poland complete with audience flag display, One with Mary J Blige for the Katrina benefit concert, One + Unchained Melody at Live 8, Sgt Pepper with Paul McCartney at Live 8, The Wanderer for the Johnny Cash tribute, Until The End Of The World at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction, and Vertigo at Live 8.

Once again they all got voted for, and it was pretty darn close!

And the winner is..... Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band at Live 8!

Widely mentioned as being a highlight of the historic show, U2 backed Sir Macca on this classic Beatles track to open the Hyde Park gig, and spines tingled with delight all around the world. Appearing on iTunes within an hour of being performed, it was said to be the fastest ever worldwide commercial download.

Into second place you voted the high-energy Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame performance of Until The End Of The World, and in third place was the first ever live performance of The Wanderer for a Johnny Cash tribute programme, with some absolutely stunning falsetto vocals by The Edge.

Best U2 Icon-Maker in the Community

Here's the third of our four extra categories. The following community members all received votes in this open category to decide who's the most talented creator of U2 icons: Several of these members received multiple votes, but one person received significantly more than the rest.

And the winner is..... zoostation!!

Yet another award for Pla, this time in recognition of her creative skills... everybody loves her consistently brilliant mini-movie icons!  More in 2006, please. :D

In second place was acrobaticons, with sapphires13 in third, followed by dysprosium and kimus_mwah!

Concert of the Year
Your favourite U2 show of 2005.

I can't even be bothered to list all the nominees in this category, there were 30 of them!

We've ended up with a three-way tie between the following shows...

Seattle, WA - 25th April
"For the second straight show, 'Miracle Drug' is dedicated to a local girl named Jennifer whom Bono says is ill. Bono brings a young boy named Jason on stage during 'Sometimes.' They're arm-in-arm as Bono sings the song to Jason, who is also mouthing the words. It's an incredibly emotional moment, and tears stream down Bono's face as he sings the song as if singing to his own son. Bono sings 'Mysterious Ways' to 'sexy Adam', and the two do a brief duel at the tip of the ellipse. Reminiscent of U2's earliest shows, 'Vertigo' is played a second time to close the show."

Toronto, ON - 17th September
"Daniel Lanois joins the band for the 3rd straight night, again playing guitar on an extended version of One. Eddie Vedder joins them on stage as the song segues into Ol' Man River. The encore begins with the 'Pop Muzik' intro from the PopMart Tour, as U2 plays Discotheque for the first time since 2001. Bono dedicates Yahweh to the departing Willie Williams."

Los Angeles, CA - 1st November
"It's a day after Larry's 44th birthday, and the show has a party-like atmosphere. Bono mentions Larry's birthday during Elevation, then leads the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to Larry during the encore. The entire band is wearing 'The Larry Mullen Band' t-shirts when they come out for the 2nd encore. After All Because Of You, Bono invites EXIT, a 4-piece, all-girl former U2 tribute band to come on stage and they play Out of Control to great applause from the crowd. At the end of the show, Larry approaches the mic and thanks the crowd for coming to his party, and thanks Bono, Edge and Adam for being in his band."

Yep... they all sound like worthy winners to me!  I'm sure anyone who was at these shows can tell us how good they were!

Post of the Year
A post in this community that has stuck in your mind for being particularly brilliant in some way.

The nominees were: Achtoon Baby by achtoonbaby, Bono the baby hippo by canadanne, Did you know Bono's in the building? by corianderstem, First ever Song of the Day by hue126, I am a U2 fan by ladydeakin, I met Bono today by ajamison, Miracle drug by icymorning, Some higher power by poco_pomme, and Tom Hanks = Bono by psykoboy2.

Again quite an even spread of votes, apart from the one clear favourite.

And the winner is..... wheee, it's my post about Bono the baby hippo! :D

I'm glad so many of you found that as hilarious as I did. I kept going back to read that thread over and over again. *g*  Special thanks to my Mum for finding the newspaper cutting in the first place!  I love how it spawned a whole bunch of icons and everything. :) :)  All hail the community mascot, for he is sooooo cute!

The rest of the nominees could barely be separated, but ajamison's "Wow!"-inducing post about his chance meeting with Bono in a lift(!!!) just about nudged ahead into second place, alongside the first ever Song Of The Day post by hue126 ("It started a rather epic trend, and it was for one of my favorite songs").

Discussion of the Year
Most enjoyable or thought-provoking comment thread in this community.

The nominees were: Best and worst lyrics, Concept album vs collection of songs, Faith in the music, Period in which you'd most like to see U2 perform live, Songs you wish U2 would cover, U2 dreams, and Whether long-term Prop members deserve better tickets.

All the nominees received votes, but again we have a clear favourite.

And the winner is..... picking up its second award of the evening, zoostation's best and worst lyrics thread!!

Not only was it a memorably massive comment frenzy - according to the community members it was also the best debate we've had all year. *g*

Pla also takes the runner-up prize for the thread she started the previous day on songs you wish U2 would cover, while third place was a tie between bonoffee's "faith in the music" topic and mangoprophetess' question about during what period you would most like to see the band perform live.

Poster of the Year
The overall most popular member of the community, who (for whatever reason) has made u2 an enjoyable place to be this year.

OK folks, here it is... the big one!

The nominees were: bonoffee, canadanne, claudiathefish, hue126, onebadkite, rockingthemike, zoostation and surfgirl83.

It wasn't as much of a runaway victory as some of the others we've seen tonight, but we have a definite winner for this, our most important award of all!

And the winner is.....
. .
. . .
. . . .
. . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It's zoostation!!!!!!!!!!

She's only gone and done the double - Newbie of the Year AND Poster of the Year in one go!  Not to mention scooping Quote of the Year, Most Comical Poster, Best Icon-Maker, being responsible for the Enormous Thread of the Year and Discussion of the Year, and being one of the most well-known members behind the Community Feature of the Year.... I think it's very fitting that Pla has won the ultimate vote, and I'm so pleased!! :)  I can't actually imagine this community without her now, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Congratulations on well and truly sweeping the board tonight!!

I'm very flattered to find that you've voted me, canadanne into second place (which seems a bit crazy considering I wasn't even nominated for this category until the very last moment!), and I reckon rockingthemike will be chuffed to hear that he's come third. :D

But don't go yet, there's time for just one more category....

Worst Crime Against Fashion Committed by a Member of U2 in 2005

Our final category of the night, this was another open vote - and boy, did you vote!!

Evidently the two guitarists make up the stylish half of the band, as they didn't feature anywhere in this. There were a number of fingers pointed at a certain LV that we all know and love:
  • Bono's jacket for the Heart of Darkness part of the set.
  • Bono's cowboy hat that *never* fits him properly
  • Bono's cowboy hat. BURN IT! It's too seventies-eighties-camp-dork!
  • Bono's brown jacket, blue tie, and JEANS combo at a speaking engagement.. wtf mate????
  • Bono in costume for Beatles movie?
  • I can't say Larry's hair particularly bothers me, so I guess I'll say Bono's straw hat. It just doesn't say "cool" no matter which way you look at it.
That last one was my vote; I wrote it before anyone else had posted their responses. But it looks like I was in the minority, because the overwhelming winner for the worst crime against fashion committed by a member of U2 in 2005 was -- in your own words....

  • The Mullet by larry
  • Poor Larry and his mullet
  • Larry's Mullet
  • Larry's Mullet
  • Larry Mullet Jr.
  • Larry Mullen Jr.'s MULLET
  • Larry's mullet. 'Nuff said.
  • Larry's *cough* hair! Mullet, whatever.
  • Larry's. Greasy. Mullet.
  • Larry's mullet. It just needs to go. Now.
  • uhm... is this a trick question? Larry Mullen's hair
  • Larry's Hair. Come on.
  • Larry's hair!
  • Larry's hair. I'm taking this to mean hair fashion as well, lol. Larry's hair, definitely.
  • Larry's mullet. OMFG.
  • Larry's Mullet!!!!!!
  • the mullet
  • Larry Mullen's hairdo! I wish Ambush Makeover at etc would get him! Hmm... that would be a grreat story: Adam writes Ambush Makeover: Dear Ambush Makeover: We love Larry a lot, but the greasy millenium mullet has to go! Please help. Enclosed is a picture of Larry's hair and McDonalds fries. Spot the difference!
    Uh... sorry, got carried away... ;-)
  • Larry's Mullet... even though I don't think it looks *that* bad
  • the mullet is a crime against nature

And on that (rather amusing) bombshell, HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for taking part - I hereby declare the U2 LJ Community Awards 2005 a massive success!!! Congrats to all the winners, and I hope you've all enjoyed this as much as I have. :D
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