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Bono's U2 fear + Mastermind!

from my Sunday Mirror:

Rock star Bono feared being kicked out of U2 because of his fight against global poverty, he admitted yesterday.

The singer - who along with Bob Geldof fronted this year's Make Poverty History campaign - said his work had "raised eyebrows" among fellow band-members.

"They're hugely supportive but they're in a rock 'n' roll band and the first job of a rock 'n' roll band is not to be dull," he said.

"When I do my rant on making poverty history, I have got Larry Mullen, our drummer, behind me looking at his watch, timing me."

Yet again I've ignored the rest of the article to laugh at the bit about Larry. Eeee. There was a similar report in another paper, saying he was speaking on the Today programme (Radio 4). I have no idea if this has already been broadcast or is due to be soon... I'll keep a listen out for you!

Separately - MASTERMIND! There I was, minding my own business, watching Mastermind (Celebrity) tonight, and what should the first specialist subject be but 'The Music of U2'! I actually squealed. I got all the answers right and the guy doing it got a few really easy ones wrong! But he got some right that only a more knowledgeable fan would, so he wasn't too bad. I was dying to get in the chair and answer instead! Funniest thing was me shouting "Bullet The Blue Sky!" very loudly at the TV, on the edge of my seat, getting odd looks from my mum and hungover brother. Much fun!
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