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Best Performance of Bad (second in an occasional series)

Thanks for everybody who responded to the first poll in this series about Streets... Great responses and opinions.

For the next in the series, I thought we would look at another quintessential live U2 song:


Personally, this is my favorite live U2 song. It never fails to get deep inside me. And there are so many memorable performances. I'll list them off and you can choose one of these, or you can tell us about another live performance of the song that blew your mind, so long as you witnessed it personally.

So what was the best live performance of Bad?

-Wide Awake in America
-Live Aid, 1985
-Rattle and Hum
-New Year's Eve 1989
-Irving Plaza, December 2000
-Elevation Live in Boston DVD

My choice:

The temptation is to go with Live Aid because of the "like all cities, it has its good and it has its bad" intro, not to mention it was perhaps the moment when they became superstars. But the performance doesn't do what other versions do for me.

So I'm going to go with Rattle and Hum. This was the version that made me love the song. Bono pours everything into it and I find myself getting carried away with him. Honorable mentions go to the Live in Boston performance and opening night of Elevation in Miami, which was the first time I heard it played live in person.
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