Berlynn Wohl (berlynn_wohl) wrote in u2,
Berlynn Wohl

x-posted in a major way.

Hello all,

I've been spending a lot of time lately updating my U2 websites (and creating some new ones), so I thought it prudent to let everyone know about them. :)

Man, oh, man.The Echosphere. It's the place to be for U2 goodness.

Looking for U2 LiveJournal icons? I got the hook-up.

Into that thing that the kids call slash-fic? So am I.

You want wallpapers? I got 'em right here.

Not satisfied until you've read about a comic strip about U2 as superheroes, battling the forces of New Wave evil? I got what you need.

What about putting U2 on a bus with 20 other rock stars, some cartoon characters, a few hobbits, and a Frogger machine? Sure thing. Nothing's sacred.

Love U2 and play Magic: The Gathering? Nerd Power!

And if you're interested in seeing more, just visit my home page, The Echosphere.
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