Samantha (samuti) wrote in u2,

Lyric help, please :)

Okay. So my boyfriend and I's four-year anniversary is coming up, and he just told me that he's buying me an iPod. Not a U2 iPod, because he couldn't afford it, but a regular one. He's buying it direct from Apple, and so he gets a free engraving on the back.

He was going to surprise me by giving me the iPod with a U2 lyric engraved on the back, but he decided to ask me first because he was afraid of (a)getting the lyric wrong and (b) picking a lyric from a U2 song I hated (he could have picked anything except Miami and it would've been fine).


So now I have to choose the lyric. The problem is the tiny space it has to fit into - I'd happily have the whole of "Bad" or "Red Hill Mining Town" on the back, but hey. The Boyfriend would like the lyric chosen to be kinda romantic-ish, or at the least indicative that the iPod has been given to me by someone who cares about me. His current favourites are:

* Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

(note: no Kill Me, but I hesitate because of the tone of the song)

* All I Want Is You

* We'll shine like stars in the summer night

Does anyone have any better ideas? My mind is blank, and I need something that will fit on two lines of just 27 characters each :/

A million thanks in advance :D ♥
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