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Bono impersonator

This was on the dutch tv in september. I missed it because I was in London, but Im glad to have found it. I was doubting to post it, because I know you all will be critical, but I think he did a great job.

This was from a programme called "In the huid van" which means "In the skin of" It's a sort of soundmix show.


on the right you see 6 pics, click on the 3rd pic or let it buffer first and go to 2,5 min. You first see some pics of Bono, and than he begins to sing

I think the guy was great, when he walked on the stage I was like "wtf? Bono?" and when he sings he's... well not really like Bono ofcourse, but does make it look real!

I think he's great... periode....

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