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Woah. :(

U2 ticket chaos hits Brazil fans

Tens of thousands of Brazilian U2 fans were left empty-handed as the first day of ticket sales for a concert in Sao Paulo descended into chaos.

Fans waited in vain for more than 12 hours as tills in the supermarket chain which was selling tickets broke down.

Some 73,000 tickets were on sale with a limit of 10 per person for the 20 February gig. Demand for tickets far exceeded the supply, however.

Organisers apologised and said an extra show would be added for the next day.

Students could buy tickets for half-price, but the cheapest full-price ticket was 200 reais (£50, $88) - about two-thirds of Brazil's minimum monthly wage.

The show was marketed through a tie-up with the Pao de Acucar supermarket chain, which sold tickets through 10 Sao Paulo outlets and two in Rio de Janeiro.

Angry fans shouted slogans against the chain's president, Abilio Diniz, saying that in future they would shop at a rival chain.

Police were on standby in case of crowd trouble, but none was reported.

One fan, 29-year-old teacher Verna Zula, had waited since 0300 for the tills to open at 1000 on Monday.

"I wouldn't have bothered if I had known it would be like this," she said on Monday evening.

"When I got here, there were 150 people in front of me. None of them have got tickets yet."

Source: BBC News

That really sucks :( But, uh, 10 per person?!
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