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my Presentation

I had my presentation about Bono for Humanity friday, but a girl from my class, who had to give hers last week was always "sick" on the days she had to give it, so she ended up on the same day as mine. So she took like 20 a 25 minutes of my time. I made a powerpoint presentation, and it looked so awesome in large on the wall (G'ah.... LARGE Edge ;p). When I came to the chapter "Bloody Sunday" I showed the Sunday Bloody Sunday preformance from the Rattle and Hum dvd, but at the end of it, the bell rang! And I still had 4 slides to go! So the teacher helped me after the lesson with my stuff, and he said "I was very impressed, and I think it's a pitty you couldn't finish it"
me: "Yeah, I had 4 slides to go, so it didn't take longer"
he: "Yeah I really like to see the end, because it's very interesting"
me: "You can take the USB stick, so you can watch it at home, if you want to"
he: "Don't you want to finish it?"
me: "Yeah, but than you have to instal the computer and the beamer again monday"
he: "Well, you have the right to finish it, and I would like it if you would do that"
me: "Yeah oke, but what will my mark be?"
he: "Well I think you will end around the 9/10"


So I will finish it monday :P
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