Beowulf Jones (beowulfjones) wrote in u2,
Beowulf Jones

Interesting news bit

I was lingering on the brink of sleep last night with my little radio buzzing in my ear. It was the top of the hour, so the station I was listening to had started to run through the top news stories. A few minutes in (and from out of NOWHERE) comes a very familiar voice bursting with "...Sunday, Bloody Sundayyyyyy! Alright! Let's Go!"

I'm WIDE awake now, but the music dims and a reporter starts reading over it, "Was it blood or strawberry syrup? Carmen Jara of Georgetown is suing a McDonald's franchise, claiming her then-13-year-old son was served a hot fudge sundae contaminated with human blood..."

(The full story's at

At the end of the report, they cut to a snippet of The Edge's solo.
Although it somewhat jeopardized the story itself, I still think playing the song was plenty amusin'.
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