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My very first Song of the Day post, OMG =O

Good morning, my name is Chass, and I'll be your Wednesday Song-of-the-Day poster. First you guys get to have an introduction to me, and then we'll get on to the music.
I'm 20, female, and live in the middle of nowhere, United States. I love U2 (obviously) and am very much a Bono-girl. My favourite U2 album is Pop (though it was Achtung Baby for the longest time). Zooropa also holds a special place in my heart, for it's addictive qualities (I like to call it "Purple Space Crack"). Needless to say, the 90s were my favourite era for U2.

See? That wasn't long, now onto the music. I spent some time mulling over what song to use as my first SOTD. I finally decided to use something from HTDAAB, and then work backwards through the discography, choosing one song per album per SOTD. So that's what I'm going to do. Once I knew I wanted something from HTDAAB, the choice was easy, because only one song on that album comes with a bonus conspiracy theory, and I know you all love my conspiracy theories:

"Love and Peace or Else" from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

This is probably the most rocking track on the entire album. It's one of my favourites as well. It's out there, and I love it (I am a 90s U2 lover after all). This song is political without being annoyingly so (not that any of U2's songs have ever been annoyingly political, but other bands who shall remain nameless have been guilty of this lately).
You start off with this incredibly heavy and distorted bass intro, with all these weird voices floating around the background. Then suddenly Larry leads us right in, and the song explodes with Bono's vocal. The guitar is minimal through the "Lay down" verses, and Adam really carries it. This was the first song I used to really train myself to hear Adam's bass. As soon as I learned what to recognize, it bacame blindingly obvious that I should've used something from Zooropa or Pop to find Adam.
For such a rocking song, the middle-8 is surprisingly quiet. But as soon as Bono stops singing, Adam's bass starts to shine again, and then Edge explodes out of nowhere, joined by Larry. Adam, Edge, and Larry carry the rest of the song out beautifully.

(The secret files?)
(Show him)
(You see it?)

(BIO terrorism)

(See this is easy, simple to do)

(He promised... / God)
(...there is no control in America)

(How about)
(Try a piece...)
(Yes, you know what I'm saying?)
(You should just get him a piece and select out a sheriff)
(He's right)


Lay down
Lay it down
Lay your sweet lovely on the ground
Lay your love on the track
We're gonna break the monster's back

Oh.. hey, hey

Lay down your treasure
Lay it down now brother
You don't have time
For a jealous lover

As you enter this life
I pray you depart
With a wrinkled face
And a brand new heart

I don't know if I can take it
I'm not easy on my knees
Here's my heart, I'll let you break it
We need some release, release, release, release

We need love and peace
Love, love and peace

Lay down
Lay down your guns
All ya daughters of Zion
All ya Abraham sons

I don't know if I can make it
I'm not easy on my knees
Here's my heart, I'll let you break it
Need some release, release, release

I need love and peace
Love and peace

Baby don't fight
We can talk this thing through
Yea, with me, me, and you
I'll call or you phone
The TV is still on
But the sound is turned down
And the troops on the ground
Are about to dig in
I wonder where is the love?
Where is the love?
Love and peace

Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?

Favourite lyric:
Here's my heart, I'll let you break it
Because yea, I feel like I'm like that sometimes @_@

And now for your long awaited conspiracy theory. One day, I was listening to this song, when it got to the middle-8 and it suddenly hit me. The TV is still on, but the sound is turned down. The TV! As a 90s-lover, longing for the glory of the Zoo days, this is a big deal for me!
Could U2 have chosen, in the most rocking song on the new album to leave a hidden message for the fans? Are they telling us that the wonderfully awesome glory of the Achtung Baby and Zooropa sounds are still alive, just turned down? Is there hope that they'll come back? After all, the TV is not off yet. Someone turn the godamned sound back up! >=O
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