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Sunday morning poll

I got the U2: Communication CD-ROM/CD a couple days ago and it's got a video of Vertigo from the band's stop in Milan last year.

It was directed by Hamish Hamilton, who you will recognize - or, I should say, whose style you will recognize from the DVDs of the Elevation and Vertigo tours.

Watching it, I was quickly reminded of why I can't stand his directing style. It's way too focused on quick cuts, usually barely giving the viewers a chance to even register and focus on what they're seeing before moving to the next shot. When I compare that to older concert footage that leaned more heavily on longer shots and fewer cuts, I found I much prefer those over Hamilton's style.

I'm a photographer. I'm a visual person. I need to see things for more than half a second or so. I need the bigger picture. I like to see longer, wider angles that let you see what they're doing with the stage. I like to see more time taken to show a band member doing his thing whether it's an extreme close-up or a slightly wider shot, not this rapid-fire, in-your-face, show them for the blink of an eye then move to the next shot sort of thing. After a while, it even starts to make my eyes get tired of trying to follow everything.

Just having concerts on DVD is great, especially for the people unable to go to the shows, but I wish they'd have used someone with a different directing style. You can count me as a one who isn't a fan of Hamish Hamilton. What about the rest of you?

Poll #662428 Hamish Hamilton

Do you like his directing style?

Doesn't matter to me. It's about the music.

By the way, I could see where there'd be a bit of a contrast between the style of my userpic vs. what Hamilton does. To me, the quick flashes of words throughout The Fly works because it fits the song; it's like something subliminal. Besides, it's a lot easier to stomach that in one song instead of a two-hour concert.
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