the muddafukin czar of neptune (echoboom) wrote in u2,
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one down, three to go!!

i asked in this community, hypothetically , if you were going to meet The Edge in 24 hours, what would you have him sign...

well, i decided i wanted him to sign my 3 favorite cd covers. achtung baby, pop, and joshua tree---- and there wasnt anything hypothetical about it...

so, friday afternoon, i got a tip from a friend that Edge was doing a charity promo signing at the guitar center in hollywood, ... it was low key but they wanted a few people in the crowd... of course i was there.

of course both our cameras batteries were running out and the first time he tried siging my AB cover, the pen was low on ink.. he replied in a slight irish voice " well have to find a better pen."

me. edge. edge me.

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