Hyperbole is my primary form of expression (bloodfever) wrote in u2,
Hyperbole is my primary form of expression

I read (on ebay of all places, on a ticket auction) that entry into the Ellipse for the Vertigo tour was being done on a random basis, based on computer ticket selection – so every GA ticket holder had an equal chance of getting into the eclipse no matter when they arrived at the stadium.

Can anyone who has been to a Vertigo show confirm this? I already have tix to the Sydney show, and will probably be showing up at the crack of dawn to line up anyway, but Im curious – it struck me as completely different from the Elevation procedure (first come, first served, basically).

(Sorry if this has been covered before, its not in the memories!)

[Edit: As has been pointed out a couple of times, the stadium set up is different and there is no ellipse, so there is no question. Back to planning my plan of attack to get near the stage!]
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