kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,

The joy of record shops...

I love those second-hand record shops where you can pick up albums and singles for next to nothing! I really like old records so I've been expanding my U2 record collection, I have a whole bunch of singles, mostly 80s, and just today I got the October LP for 50p! 50p! That's like... less than my bus fare home, haha! It wasn't even that tatty, it was in pretty ok condition.

Anyway I just fancied sharing that with you all, haha. I would love a record player in my room but unfortunately we only have one downstairs and I have to wait till the room is empty before I can indulge and dance around the room like a loon/pretend to be Bono for an hour or so. Ah, fun.

But... 50p! *can't get over it* I mean, October's not my fave but it's not THAT bad. ;)
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