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February 2nd, 2006

SOTD @ 09:59 pm

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Date:February 5th, 2006 03:50 am (UTC)

Silver & Gold is an awesome song, and I don't really have a favourite out of the studio and live versions. It kicks arse in a similar sort of way to God Part II. I love your "audio dynamite" description, it fits it really well!

You know, I *was* going to go into a massive ramble about how much I love each bit of the song, but I'm running out of time this weekend because Drowning Man took an age to put into words. So I might just save the ramble for when we do the B-side version!!  Let me see if I can pick out the bits that are unique to the live version, for now.

....Which isn't very much, really!  It's impressive how well they stuck to the successful formula of the studio track. I think there's an extra "I am someone!" here, and Bono does a little "Oooo oooo" before the "See the coming and the going... verse. Both of which are nice additions. I also really love the way he screams "Chaa-aaains no longer bind me!" on this version, it's just a notch more passionate than on the original B-side. :)

Of course the thing that really stands out about the Rattle & Hum performance is Bono's speech. It fits perfectly into that quiet section of the song (imagine him trying to be that succinct now!), and it's just a great rant. It kicks off with a trademark Bono "Yep" - who doesn't love those! - and sees the frontman in delightfully snarly mode. For some reason I like the way he says "ar-gue", in an almost mocking kind of tone. :)  And "Am I buggin' you?  I don't mean to.. bug ya..." is just one of the most classic quotes of all time, it's so much fun to imitate that one!  Followed, naturally, by "OK Edge, play the blues..."  (And what a fine job Edge does with that guitar solo!)

Eh, I'm gonna leave it there for now. I apologise for this review being a total cop-out, but at least I can go to bed now, without getting hopelessly behind. ;p

U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!