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Brisbane/Melbourne U2 Tickets

I posted this at Zootopia at but had to share it here:

This morning I was looking at the site and just decided to give the U2 concert tickets another try. Unlike it was in the past few times I had checked this time the option to buy tickets was open. I didn't even see that on the front page in the Breaking Annoucements scrolling bar it says: U2 Vertigo 2006 ... Strictly limited tickets available for Melbourne and Brisbane but by then I was lucky enough to get to GA tickets to the QSAC show.

I am not sure if it is still working now or when it even started working (it's the afternoon on Feb 9th in Brisbane). I can't tell when they first became available and I have not seen other posts about it here but as far as I can tell the links to buy tickets are still there (when I tried it on a computer that had cached the site I had to refresh but it was still there).

Good luck to anyone else trying to get tickets!

P.S. I don't know if anyone recalls but I posted around December quite upset about the tickets getting sold out so quickly. Thank you to everyone who consoled me. :)
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