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Japan U2 show

dont know if this is allowed to be posted here or not, so if not, please feel free to delete it. thanks.

I am looking for volunteers. I dont know if any of you have heard or know about fans at many U2 concerts last year doing tshirts and banners and signs to help promote the One and Make Poverty History campaigns? For example, Brussels had 4000 white bandanas in the audience, Toronoto was 2000 banners saying ONE on them, Portland did 7000 paper signs with ONE on them and the info about the campaign on the back. It was a way to talk to fans in the GA lineups about the campaign and sign people up. (and yes, its amazing how many people Still have never heard of One or MPH)

Anyways...there are more things planned for Australia, Brazil, Japan and Hawaii. The girl who has volunteered to do something in Japan, has come up with the idea of handing out origami folded white paper cranes...a symbol of peace in the Japanese culture... as she speaks to people about making poverty history.

We are looking for people willing to make cranes and mail them to her. I was thinking that if someone wanted to do say...10, and we had 10 people willing to make 10 cranes, thats already 100 cranes. It takes a normal piece of white photocopy letter sized paper to make one, and you have to make it square - 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches.

You can find instructions here on how to fold it into a crane:

if anyone wants to volunteer, they would need to be mailed out by end of february just to make sure they arrive in time in the mail.

they can be mailed to this lady:
Irene Kato
4644 Arrowhead Street
Baton Rouge, LA
USA 70808

and thank you in advance!

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