Ms. Machina if you nasty (tinamachina) wrote in u2,
Ms. Machina if you nasty

"Ellen" show

The "Ellen" show had a Grammy special on this morning's episode. U2 showed up in a couple of places. First, Ellen walked into the New Orleans tribute rehearsal where Edge and Bonnie Raitt were practicing. Bonnie got a hug, Edge has an amused WTF expression on his face. Then, Ellen caught Bono at the MusicCares table when he was signing memorabilia. She was trying to sing "Beautiful Day" but was only singing that one line, as Bono noted: "You need to be able to sing more than one line of the song." Ellen was playing harmonica and kazoo, as various artists dropped dollars into her guitar case. Chris from Coldplay gave her a dollar, and so did Elvis Costello. When Bono reached into his pockets, he said, "*cough* Oops, gotta run!" Ellen was like, "What, no money?" Bono said, "Isn't that just like a rock star?" Cute :)
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