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Breaking the U2 fast

A couple of weeks ago I discovered something. I'd been listening to U2 most of the day, almost every day. Basically, drinking it in in large doses. Too much is not enough, right? Wrong, too much and it began to lose it's touch. It was becoming background music. I mostly ignored it while it played, and then when I did decide to listen to it again, it had lost some of it's magic.
So I decided to start listening to it less and less. In fact, I made an entire U2-free playlist. Over the last couple of weeks, I've barely listened to any U2 at all. Aside from: the Staring at the Sun music video, the With or Without You music video, the performances at the Grammys, and listening to Miami four times in a row when I did it as song of the day.

Today, however, I was voice chatting with a few friends. Upon mentioning I had barely listened to U2 in the last couple of weeks, they decided to tease me. Emma played Beautiful Day, Elevation, and part of Do You Feel Loved while we were chatting, and I had no choice but to listen. Then Paul played Mysterious Ways, Salome, Babyface, and the first 10-12 seconds of every song on Achtung Baby. To both of them, my reaction was something of "OMG, you're evil! OMG! You're killing me!"
It was literally painful. I'd been aching for U2, any U2 at all, even U2 songs I don't really like that much. I mean, I don't like Beautiful Day that much, but I was almost moaning upon hearing it (that was the first one played for me).

To add to this, today my sister, mother, and I went out to lunch. Afterward, as soon as we got back into the car, Sunday Bloody Sunday was starting on the radio. Mom's a big U2 fan as well, and she and I both gasped quite loudly when we heard Larry's military drumming. My sister, who was driving, heard us gasp and slammed on her brakes, thinking something was wrong XD
So, the whole time the song was playing, mom and I were singing along loudly, and at one point we were even clapping to the beat. My sister pretended she didn't know us. After the song was over, I, being in a hyper mood, started imitating Bono in the Red Rocks version of the song (basically, I was yelling "NO MORE!" alot, and one good rendition of "I'M SO SICK OF IT!"). My performance sent my mother into a fit of giggles. Mission accomplished.

Anyway, the fast breaks tomorrow. I have nothing better to do for Valentine's than to sit on the couch eating chocolate and listening to U2 anyway, so I'm going to break my fast with the Vertigo Chicago DVD. I've still only watched it once all the way through since I got it at Christmas. I'm sad to say that that first time around, I didn't really enjoy it quite as much as I would've liked. I could rant about that, but that's another story.
Basically, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Well, my hope is that I've been so starved for U2 that I'll be totally drooling over the DVD, spastic camerawork and all.
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