Beowulf Jones (beowulfjones) wrote in u2,
Beowulf Jones

October/War-era musings

Here's an interesting, likely unrelated association I stumbled onto:

The cover for the New Zealand release of Gloria... and, of course, the vinyl cover for The Joshua Tree.

I'm always excited when I find little things like this.
The Joshua Tree cover is dour, arguably to the point of being artsy.
Gloria, though? Still serious, but it has more of a slapped-together (though not necessarily hastily) feel to it.

Creative haircuts in both.
I'm jus' finding it strange to watch people grow, for better or worse.

I've become taken by October and War recently and might make a post about the two sometime soon(er or later). Major singles and key fan faves ("October," "40") aside, I'd largely overlooked the post-Boy, pre-UF material in the past. It's fun to listen for all the tinkering they're doing: the words used to express, what they want to express, the running order, the bass solos, the instrumental breaks, heck, all choices about song structure... I highly recommend revisiting these albums if you haven't heard them lately.
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