b (boriel) wrote in u2,

Edge's Music Rising Tshirt

I dont know if this has been posted here or not, so forgive me if its a repost. Remember the tshirt Edge wore at the Grammy's? Well, a bunch of fans on u2 site got the contact info for the woman in charge of Music Rising and convinced her that a tshirt available to fans would be a good thing. A week later, after talking to Edge's management, this tshirt is now available for anyone. All net proceeds go to Music Rising charity.

You can find a write up about the foundation and a pic of the tshirt (and Edge wearing it) at the website: http://www.grammy.com/musicares/musicrising/

and the link they provide for purchase, takes you to U2.com shop here: http://www.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/fanfire.woa/wa/product?sku=U2T38081&sourceCode=U2CWEB

just one thing - because this is such a new item, when you order it, you will be told its on back order, so dont be surprised by a 3-6 week wait for shipping.
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