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Bono Praises U2 Fans in Argentina

Nothing new in this article, simply posting it for anyone that's interested in reading.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Bono has met with President Nestor Kirchner, saying he admired U2's fervent fans and was glad that Argentina is as passionate about music as it is about soccer.

The U2 frontman, wearing a cowboy hat and wraparound sunglasses, posed with Kirchner at the pink Government House in downtown Buenos Aires on Wednesday. Hours later, the band was to perform the first of two sold-out concerts before 50,000 fans at the River Plate soccer stadium.

Buenos Aires is the latest stop on U2's Vertigo 2006 tour.

"Muchas gracias!" Bono said in the televised appearance. "I am very humbled to be received in such fine and grand circumstances. ... Wherever we go, our band is just being serenaded and the people are waving."

Last Sunday, Bono received Chile's highest award for the arts, and earlier, during a stop in Brazil, he discussed the government's anti-poverty program with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
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