kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,


Sorry but what else am I to do on a Monday? Anyway.

Some dude was sitting across from me a few days ago in the computer suite at uni and I had on my U2 shirt that says 'boys play rock and roll' and he goes 'if the boys play rock and roll what do the girls do?' and I said 'well that depends how much we drink!' Lol! And we laughed, and it was fun. And when he left he said 'well enjoy doing whatever the girls do' and I said 'oh I will!'

U2: bringing flirting together. If only he had been his hotter friend who was sitting beside him. ;)

And the other thing I was going to mention was I just found out my exam this year is on Bono's birthday. He'd better bring me luck! Actually I was sitting there going "10th May, that sounds familiar" and then my friend pointed out the significance, hehe!
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