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I'm aliiiiiiiiiive (and being born too, apparently)

I have not died, I've just been internetless for the last week and a half. This is due to stupidly deciding to switch to a new service provider, who somehow has had incredible trouble providing said service. In fact, I'd still consider myself internetless, considering the only reason I'm able to be online right now is because I caved and installed one of the AOL dial-up trial discs I had lying around. Tis evil stuff, I tell you.

Anyway, this is not all pointless off-topic blather about myself. Over the last several days I've had a few stupidly interesting U2 epiphanies.

1. My niece's kindergarten class made valentines for their friends and families. I finally got mine, and was rather thrilled at it. It was simply a piece of paper folded over with pink foam hearts glued to it... and "U2" "U2" "U2" "U2" written all over the inside, with more drawn hearts. I'm torn between finding this to be cute beyond words... and somewhat disturbing that I seem to have slowly brainwashed her five year old mind to associate me with nothing other than U2.

2. I have red curtains on my window. I woke up one morning to see the sun shining brightly through them, making the window (which takes up half of the wall) glow with red light. I looked up at this red glowing square on my wall and said "I want to RUN!" We can now confirm that I've descended far enough into my U2 obsession that I now associate anything glowing with a red light with the word "STREETS".

3. I've been watching too much TV lately, and in the course of one commercial break, I discovered that there is apparently a professional wrestler called The Edge, and that Pier 1 Imports has a Clayton chair on sale. Also, for no apparent reason, I flipped to MTV (I never watch MTV), just in time to see Bono accept his award (I don't even remember what it was, Most Inspiring Artist?, or something to that extent) on the TRL awards. Maybe I really do have a U2 radar.

And last, but certainly not least, I present to you:

The dumbest dream ever, featuring both Paul McCartney and Adam Clayton (and a sailboat).

It really was a fantastically stupid dream. For some reason, my sister and I had decided to go sailing. Luckily, our dad had a small sailboat stored in the attic (and he really did when we were kids, I don't know why either).
So we managed to haul this boat out into the backyard, where luckily enough there was a large puddle, connected to a small stream where the alley would normally be. We got in and started rowing (because there wasn't wind or something) and apparently this stream would take us right to the (Ohio) river.
When we were almost there, I got out because I'd spotted a music store, and as of late, I've become a guitar geek (a music store has recently opened in my neighbourhood, and I tend to walk past the window a lot to drool at the guitars). I tell my sister that I'll meet her at the river, and I go into the store.
I start looking at the guitars, but although there are several Gibsons, I can find neither a Les Paul, nor an Explorer. I utter something along the lines of "This store sucks" and turn to leave. When who should come out from the shadows than the store owner, none other than Sir Paul McCartney, and he looks rather hurt that I've insulted his store. I start trying to explain that I just seem to have a crush on those two guitars, especially the Explorer, and that even though I don't like The Edge, I love his guitar.
Now he looks even more hurt, because I've insulted The Edge. I once again start trying to explain that I do like The Edge, just not in the same way that I like Bono (meaning, Edge is a fantastic musician, but he's too calm and composed to be fanciable to me).
Somewhere in the midst of my explanation, Paul McCartney is no longer Paul McCartney, and is now Adam Clayton. Adam is much cheerier than McCartney had been, and he starts asking me where I'm going. I tell him that my sister and I are going to go sailing. He seems very interested, and starts asking me about the boat. I tell him that the river isn't far, and he should come along with me to see it. So he does. When we get there, my sister has already gotten the boat into the water and is waiting for me. I get in, and as I do, I knock the boat off balance, and she falls into the water.

And that's the end. Really stupid, very pointless, but somewhat amusing

And I know I missed last Wednesday's SOTD, but I had no way to get online and post one. So to make up for that, I'm going to have a special treat for you all this coming Wednesday (hopefully, anyway, there is the small matter of whether or not I'll be able to get the secret file uploaded, but I think I have a plan).
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