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Song of the Day

"Race Against Time" from Where The Streets Have No Name Single

There's a lot of talk in Into The Heart about what The Joshua Tree might have been. Not sure why, there isn't much talk about what Achtung, Baby might have been. Let's take a quick gander and all those B-sides that MIGHT have been The Joshua Tree.

Luminous Times
Walk To The Water
Spanish Eyes
Deep In The Heart
Silver and Gold
Sweetest Thing
Race Against Time

How much they were working on each song during the JT sessions, and which were actually up for consideration to make the album cut, varies widely, I imagine. Silver and Gold found a place on R&H, Sweetest Thing was reworked and made a nice pro-Pop release. Race Against Time is just one of those 'out there' tracks that really didn't go much of anywhere. I've listened to Captive once, and it sounds like something out of there, to be honest. Maybe not Captive, but it sounds very soundtrack worthy. In the ITH blurb, Edge seems to take most (all?) of the credit for laying the track down. says it was written by U2 / Bono, though. And someone even bothered to fill in all 6 lyrics.

Besides saying "race against time" twice, there are more vocals. They are kindred to Boomerang II, though, in that they really aren't words, but just vocalizations. To me, it sounds like "hola" or "mola". Any insights?

It starts with a nice bass groove. Larry's militant drumming comes in after the first vocals, and really subsides after the second round. In between the funky bass, weird words, and Larry's beats... it's an Edge-fest, alright. Distorted guitars, synths, and a little piano for good measure. One of those tracks you get into for U2 history, but nothing really radio-worthy. And of course, uploaded to g-mail.
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