dereks_pillow (dereks_pillow) wrote in u2,

I Need Your Help!

Hey everybody! I need your help! I'm doing a commemorative speech this month for a course I'm taking and we're supposed to pay tribute to someone who has done something great. Of course, I'm doing mine on Bono. My question is, what do you feel is his greatest accomplishment? I mean, there are so many great events I can talk about, but I only have 5 minutes.

I'm going to include the speech right before "Where the Streets Have No Name" on the Vertigo DVD. Also, does anyone have great pictures of Bono with world leaders (I know I'm using the one with Pope John Paul for sure). In other words, does anyone have a picture of Bono that speaks a 1,000 words that I can include in my powerpoint.

I'm doing lots of research to make this really great, and any help I can get from some you (since I know there are tons of die-hard fans in the community), would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for anyone that can help! :)
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