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Hi everybody. The new Achtoon Baby has just been posted:

Well, obviously this is not the month to be doing anything comical. So I decided to title this one "U2 In Four Words," show a painting of each band member, and write "hero" at the bottom. That's what they are to me.

This is such a classic Adam expression, especially during this tour.

I painted this while watching Kill Bill Vol. 2. Larry took a lot longer than all the others because of the weird lighting, and I was working with a blue-green-orange color scheme (uncooperative colors!). It took the entire movie to get it right, but I think this is one of my all-time best Larrys.

This Bono is just OK, but I kind of like his expression. I was working with a really rotten photo, but I needed that pose. The eye/glasses took an entire episode of Face the Nation to paint. Also, the tiny horizontal line on his forehead? That's one of Bun's hairs. I kind of liked it there so I kept it in. She spent most of the morning napping but watched me paint this one.

Oh Edge. Always such a breeze to paint--this took maybe thirty minutes? He's the last panel of the cartoon for obvious reasons.

The paintings are all unfinished because the tour was postponed. While U2 have not come out and said that Edge's daughter is ill, I wanted to show the other three supporting him in a subtle way. I didn't think any of them should be looking at the viewer. When I line the four paintings up on my table, they're in this order: Larry, Edge, Bono, Adam. Edge is looking up at this light that reminded me of religious paintings, and the others are facing him with tender, supportive expressions. Maybe some people will pick up on this.
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