the broken radio was playing suicide (volare) wrote in u2,
the broken radio was playing suicide

SOTD - Flashback Friday!

Sorry for the lateness, my IP's been dippy all day.. >;#

Today's Flashback Friday selection from the 1978 demo tape is

False Prophet

I can hear echoes of Twilight in this one. As is the case with almost all of these recordings, Edge and Larry are holding the entire shebang together by teeth and nails. Bono sounds VERY young here and very much as though he's trying to emulate Lennon's vocal tone circa Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Edge sounds a bit Roger McGuinn/The Byrds with some of his chords.
This one though, does to my mind show some of their determination to carve a unique sound just starting to grow, rather than the pure The Clash/Beatles/Buzzcocks they emulate elsewhere.

Lyrics are almost incomprehensible but "I know, I understand" can be quite clearly heard in the chorus.. Anyone up to the task of posting their interpretations?
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