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Bono has a bizarre bump habit

This was in yesterday's Daily Express and I totally forgot to post it here....

Bono has a bizarre bump habit

Irish warbler Bono appears to have a thing about puckering up to pregnant women's stomachs. The father of four recently kissed singer Gwen Stefani's bump at the Grammy awards and British actress Tamsin Greig has received similar treatment.

The Archers and Green Wing actress Tamsin recalls: "I had to make a presentation at the Q awards. I was nine months' pregnant, so when I was giving the gong, I said, 'If I give birth here, can I call it Bono?' He came backstage and he got down on his knees and kissed my huge belly.

"It was particularly exciting for my husband, who thinks U2 are God's gift."

However, Tamsin is miffed to discover that Bono is free with this curious favour. She adds: "Last week, I hear, he did it to some Radio 1 DJ who's also pregnant. He kissed her belly as well!

"I used to feel special. Now I just feel cheap. He does it to any bird. It's like the Pope kissing babies, only he gets to them before they're out!"
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