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So ok, the eternal debate on why/if Bono matters...

I'm currently living in Belfast at the moment -- and as many of you may know, the Irish tend to be super cynical about celebrity. This morning, I had an argument with my housemate about the relevance of Bono's involvement in world issues (debt, AIDS, poverty, peace in Northern Ireland and such). Basically, he says that for every person who Bono's made aware of these causes, he's alienated another from it.

I specialise in generalities and he's a stickler for stats and hard facts, so the argument sucked from my end. What I'm asking of you, cos I'm really stubborn and need to have my point made(!), is to provide some of those hard facts (eg Bono bringing hardass Jesse Helms to tears by telling him exactly how many references there are in the Bible to poverty and such).

And if you do have a counterargument for why he is indeed a self-righteous wanker, go right on ahead, cos I'd love to hear those as well. :D

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