dedicated to invisible countries (oddangel) wrote in u2,
dedicated to invisible countries

Bono + Googlism =

A whole lot of giggles from me. My apologies in advance if you more advanced Intardnet folks have run his name through Googlism already, but I thought this was funny.

A few examples:

bono is no naked chef
bono is a tight what?
bono is real
bono is edge
bono is a dinky trabant austin
bono is jesus
bono is always helping me with my music theory homework
bono is sworn in as vice president of the united states
bono is a squeakie*
bono is a necessity
bono is the kind of guy we wouldn't mind switching lives with
bono is
bono is in my computer
bono is a pentecostal snake handler
bono is such a bob marley fan
bono is administratively unworkable
bono is fond of eating smarties with a spoon
bono is done in large law firms
bono is still young
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