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Today's Song of the Day is...

Beach Sequence from Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1

Ah, getting back to 90s U2 is like putting on a pair of comfy shoes, for me! I am such an obsessive it's ridiculous. And as I'm sure I said before when I SOTDd Corpse, I love Passengers. It seems an album U2 fans either love or hate, but I developed my love over a period of time and I'd suggest if you don't like it yet, give it time and listen to the songs at the right time. That can make all the difference.

That said, I think Beach Sequence is a song you don't necessarily have to be in the right frame of mind for. If you're not there already, it can get you there! Don't believe me? Okay, picture this.

You're on holiday on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. One with white sandy beaches and turquoise clear water. There are palm trees shading you as you lie on the sand and close your eyes, letting the sun bathe you in its rays from up in a cloudless blue sky. Everything is so relaxed; you have no cares and nowhere else to be. You can hear the sea washing up on the shore, a lapping, swishing sound of harmony and tranquil. You're not asleep, though, because something is keeping you in touch with reality, a sort of sweet music that permeates your mind and helps you drift into a state of semi-slumber. The piano player isn't expert but his few, brittle notes fit the mood perfectly, unhurried and well-paced. Far off in the distance you hear a man singing, just four words but they are sung in a slightly broken voice, one wistful, the singer dwelling on the transience of time in words and melody. It all seems so peaceful, so perfect...

And then you hear rain pattering on the window pane and you wake out of your wonderful dream to see water pouring down from the sky outside, bringing you back to reality. You realise you've spent what seems like hours immersed in your dream, and you know what your dream-singer told you was true - time does shoot on by.

That's how I see Beach Sequence. A dream-like state. It's landscape much like the songs of The Joshua Tree are; it creates a sound picture you can get really involved in. If you're in a relaxed sort of mood, put it on and let yourself drift. If you're stressed out, lie down, close your eyes and listen to Beach Sequence, imagine that dream, wonder at the creation of a song that sounds so effortless and so right.

And if none of that has convinced you, there's always the amusement of Bono's piano playing. The song was originally termed 'One Finger Piano' because that's the extent of Bono's expertise. Some of his best work! His contribution works well, though, and his extremely short vocal performance somehow still manages to put across emotion and soul. The background swishes and water-esque noises are lush, and what I take to be rain at the end is such a lovely touch.

I hardly need to look up the lyrics:

Time shoots on by...

Yup, that's it. No, seriously! But sometimes brevity is the friend of beauty.

Song uploaded to Savefile.

See y'all next week for more fun and fangirlishness!
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