youreanidiom (youreanidiom) wrote in u2,

I picked up the Please single this afternoon. It was one of those discs that was always hard for me to find so when I saw it today I had to grab it. I've always thought that CD singles are far too expensive. I remember picking up a used copy of the Vertigo single for a couple bucks and then seeing a new copy for seven dollars. Seven dollars for a two-track disc is way too much, considering most albums are ten or twelve bucks.

This one, however, the Please single (which cost eight bucks) is completely worth the money. For one thing the version of the song is not the one found on the album, but a new "single" version (which is pretty good, but I prefer the album version). Then you have, instead of b-sides, four live tracks from the PopMart tour. Well well well well well worth the money.

Why aren't more singles like this?
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