Annie (canadanne) wrote in u2,

U2 Alphabet Survey

Here's something my fellow survey whores may enjoy....

Favourite U2 song for each letter of the alphabet?

A :- A Man And A Woman
B :- Babyface
C :- City Of Blinding Lights
D :- Do You Feel Loved
E :- Elevation
F :- Fast Cars
G :- God Part II
H :- Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
I :- In A Little While
J :- Not many options here... Jitterbug Baby? :)
K :- Kite is the only one?
L :- *head explodes* (Lemon or Love And Peace Or Else)
M :- Mofo
N :- New Year's Day
O :- One
P :- Please
Q :- Errr... DiscothèQue?!
R :- Red Hill Mining Town
S :- So Cruel
T :- The Unforgettable Fire
U :- Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
V :- Van Diemen's Land
W :- Walk To The Water
X :- Xanax And Wine
Y :- Yahweh
Z :- Zooropa

That was *incredibly* difficult at times, trying to pick just one song out of about four or five favourites!  I don't even agree with myself on some of the answers I've put down. *g*

Important note: If you fill in the survey yourself, please either post it to your own journal or put it in a comment under this post. I guarantee there will be complaints if anyone makes additional survey posts in the community!
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