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Song of the Day - Friday Flashback!

Jack in the Box

This track features... prominent cowbell?
Joking aside, this is a 180˚ from last week's debacle of a song.
Though this is on the same 1978 demo as the others I've been showcasing, it sounds as though it's much further along in the band's development. Edge's riffs here are quite recognizable; his distinct structure and tone are as clear as they would be on Boy. Their timing is dead on, if simple. As usual, the weakest link is the vocals.... Whomever convinced Bono to STOP with those affected "Neh-oooooe!"s by the time they started cutting actual 45s is probably partially responsible for the band's early success...
(for pete's sake..a Dublin "No" doesn't even sound like that, wtf??)

I'm not having any luck finding lyrics anywhere online.
I can hear "I'm the jack in the box" in there..
who's up for posting the rest of it?
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