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A Brief History of the Song Of The Day*

*In lieu of the Sunday SOTD. Because of this. Have a ball :-)

I'm not quite the authority on this, as I joined the SOTD guys just this year. But I am much beholden to the people who started and kept the SOTD running for over a year. I guess this is my little tribute to all of you guys - thanks.

This is also for everyone who still doesn't know what an SOTD is :-) By the way, there's a link to all SOTDs on the sidebar on the left of this page.

I'm sure there's going to be a lot left out, but here goes...

[EDIT: Cut for length]

Once upon a time - well, exactly March 21st, 2005, 09:23 pm - hue126 was sitting and listening to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" - and thought of testing "the temperature of each fan of the community" by posting one song every day and asking everyone what they thought of that song, whether good or bad (though the "I-love-this-song!" comments often outweigh the "I hate-this-song" ones. Well duh :D) Thus, the First Ever Song Of The Day came into being.

Everyday, hue126 would pick a random U2 song to review, post his thoughts about the song, and the rest of the community members would give their own opinions about it. On the first Sunday SOTD hit, the song was Sunday Bloody Sunday.

The first SOTD posts didn't include the song lyrics, though hue126 posted part of the "Sunday Bloody Sunday" on March 27, 2005. I loved how he posted songs he had never heard before, like Another Time, Another Place, Numb and Love is Blindness (which turned into a long "You have to hear it!" thread) - because I never really knew that happened till I waded through the old SOTDs. Hmm. I ought to do that with "Cartoon World".

hue126 had to give up posting SOTDs on May 2, 2005 - with Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of. But the tradition lives on...

[They] Will Follow

On May 3rd, djmlm41 took over SOTD with Last Night On Earth. On Bono's birthday (the first U2 birthday an SOTD fell on), she posted In God's Country (one of my favorites off The Joshua Tree).

Wow. This Is getting boring, isn't it?

So let's do the abridged history.

Other post-ers came to review songs - zoostation, claudiathefish,
onebadkite, volare, sirensong984, bonoffee, stay_please, sapphires13, inklingfair...
Did I miss anyone?

[EDIT] And the ubiquitous canadanne made an SOTD-by-album list a few months ago.

That was short.

Anyway, many of the songs are repeated - same or different versions, usually for the sake of the newcomers - but there are plenty still waiting to be discussed! Oh, and by the by, Monday SOTD is vacant (unless sirensong984 still wants it), so... well, I don't know. Someone care to take it?

Every Poet Is A Thief

The SOTD lines I love (There are lots more, I'm sure, tell me which ones you remember the best!)

"The song really just breathes so well." hue126 on Red Hill Mining Town

"...Edge's guitar is nothing short of orgasmic." canadanne comments on Love is Blindness

"The moody beginning is mirrored in somewhat painful lyrics, as if the band was just recovering from a collective punch to the gut." hue126 on With Or Without You

"Adam's bass is turned up to an endearingly loud volume..." claudiathefish on Gone

"It's a different brand of Larry-drumming." zoostation on New York

"Oh Bono, you clever little elf. Get me to sing about religion without knowing it...again." zoostation on All Because of You

"...the lyric-o-meter is on the positive side today, even if I don't care for the guitar (and I consider myself an Edger). " onebadkite on When I Look At The World

"It's everything everyone ever feels put out on paper." zoostation on Acrobat

"Oh to have had a 14 track Joshua Tree... I think we'd all die of an overdose. Especially you Treelubbers." onebadkite on Luminous Times

"Bono just wants to crawl in a hole, doesn't want to feel, doesn't want to... be." stay_please on Slug

"Oooofah. Torch song anyone?
I think I need a smoke.... (and I quit in 1994!!!!)" volare on the Bono/Jools Holland If You Wear ThaT Velvet Dress

"...ultimately the beautifully lullabyish MLK won out." sirensong984 on MLK

"It's all about night-time, the enigma of a woman, how someone can be so entranced and so captured without knowing that much about the other person." bonoffee on She's A Mystery To Me

"Zooropa is a very WTF album, and ending it with Johnny Cash is absolutely the most WTF way to end such an album. After this trippy journey through space (I actually refer to Zooropa as "purple space crack"), you're suddenly brought quickly back down to earth by the Man in Black." sapphires13 on The Wanderer

For newbies: OK, kiddies, pop SOTD quiz!

1. What was the first SOTD repeat?
2. Who created the u2usendit@gmail.com account? (Bonus: what's the password?)
3. Which song has been SOTD'd the most?
4. Who posted the first complete lyrics to a U2 song in SOTD? (What's the song?)
5. Which was the first day since SOTD started that there wasn't a song posted?
6. When did the Boomchas first make an appearance on an SOTD?
7. Who gave icon awards to individual U2 members for their performances in the songs? (Hmmm.... I'm beginning to see a pattern here)
8. Who said this: "I'm gonna be an absolute meanie and play your surrogate SotD mommy for the day"?
9. Which post-er does Flashback Fridays/Wayback Weekends?
10. What was the first screencapped SOTD?
11. Who writes looong SOTD dissertations? ;-D
12. Who said this: 'Sometimes it creeps me out when Bono says "and the fever when I'm inside her"'? (Bonus: What's the song?)

[You'll have to RESEARCH the answers. Yes. highest scorer will win 1 (one) Larry Mullen Jr., complete with drum kit. Hee!]

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